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Vision 2020 has become VisionForward

VisionForward is a national coalition of organizations and individuals working to advance gender equity through women’s leadership.


To achieve gender equity by increasing the number and power of women leaders to accelerate economic, political and social change.


  • Connect leaders and organizations with complementary agendas to collaborate for collective impact, especially in areas of economic equity and civic engagement
  • Amplify voices and messages for positive change
  • Focus on timely issues and opportunities that support the mission
  • Propel progress through partnerships, programs, events and media


Suffragists casting votes in 1920. (Library of Congress photo)

Winning the right to vote was a huge step forward for women in the quest for equality. In the more than 100 years since, women have made more progress toward economic, political and social equality. However, much remains to be done to achieve gender equity.

How we honor founder’s legacy

A Message from the VisionForward National Team

With profound sadness, we share the news that the visionary founder and inspiring leader of VisionForward has died. Lynn H. Yeakel, 80, passed away January 13 after a brief illness. An article about her life of extraordinary accomplishment in pursuit of equality for women was published in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer.

We mourn her passing along with the nationwide coalition of leaders and organizations that answered her calls to work together for gender equity in decision-making positions across business and government. The daughter of a Virginia Congressman, she understood the dynamics of politics and power, and the extent to which women were disadvantaged by having too few seats at the table.


Lynn will be remembered for a uniquely formidable combination of personal and professional strengths, among them determination and grace, positive energy and sincere collegiality. Above all, in our view, she was the rare person who truly believes all people are equal and lived that value every day by treating everyone from senators to student interns with equal respect.

In her absence, Lynn’s can-do spirit will continue to drive us forward. We are fortunate that she led us last summer through the transition from Vision 2020 to VisionForward, recasting the organization to focus on the timely issues of caregiving and women’s civic participation. Last fall, she began planning to retire in April 2022 as director and Betty A. Cohen Chair of Women’s Health at Drexel University’s Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership (IWHL), where the VisionForward initiative is headquartered.

With Drexel already having begun the search for her successor, Lynn ensured the continuity of strong leadership in the programs she had created during her 20 years at Drexel. She named two experienced team members as co-directors of VisionForward and promoted others to manage IWHL operations and onboard a new director.

photo of Vision 2020 leader Lynn Yeakel
photo of Vision 2020 leader Lynn Yeakel

Lynn Hardy Yeakel

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